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With great enthusiasm, a Kybele team visited Macedonia

 With great enthusiasm, a Kybele team visited Macedonia the final week of October to explore potential new partnerships. Thanks to guidance from our host Dr. Atanas Sivevsi, chief Obstetric Anesthesiologist in the country, four hospitals were prioritized for site visits. The team successfully visited facilities in Kumanovo, Bitola, Štip and Skopje and assessed labor analgesia, anesthesia for Cesarean section, and general anesthesia procedures. Based on the needs identified, hands-on anesthesia training and standard protocols were introduced, with subsequent mentorship and supervision. Requests for follow-up visits and future support were made by by the host physicians, including Dr. Zaharijeva (Kumanovo), Dr.Eftimova (Štip) and Dr. Dimevski (Bitola). Kybele looks forward to building upon this opportunity for future collaboration.