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Reflections on My Time with Kybele

Article by Louisa Oates.

Kybele, Inc has changed my understanding of medicine, patient care and  organization. I first contacted founder, Dr. Medge Owen when searching  for a location to serve during the Wake Forest Non-Profit Pro Humanitate  internship the summer before my senior year. Interested in medicine and  non-profits, I found Kybele intriguing and wanted to know more.  Unbeknownst to me, through Kybele, I would find a new interest in  maternal health, professional and personal mentors, and an incredible  field of work. In August 2012, I will begin Georgia Baptist School of  Nursing at Mercer University and as a result will be leaving my work  with Kybele.

Kybele is a unique organization. Kybele is the labor and love of  volunteers and few staff members-working eagerly towards a cause they  fully believe in. After attending a Kybele program to Ghana in May 2011,  I was touched by the constant brainstorming and troubleshooting  conducted on the ground by participants. No moment is left unspent  working towards the goal for safe childbirth for all women and children.  The word “dedication” does not fully describe the effort, sweat, and  passion that the volunteers, board members, and staff invest into  Kybele. As a result, real change has been seen in hospitals throughout  the world.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend a trip and  continue to support these trips and incredible volunteers  administratively.

Without the administrative ground work of the team leaders and staff,  none of these programs would be possible. Being my first administrative  job, Kybele staff members such as Lynn Snyder, Kimber Whanger, and  Sebnem Ucer were incredible resources and mentors towards success within  this organization and in the future. They are gems, and Kybele is  fortunate to have them.

Most of all, Kybele has inspired me to seek out a passion, a goal, and  accomplish it as Dr. Medge Owen and her original team did on the  original Kybele program to Turkey.  As Dr. Medge Owen often says, doors open at the right times. My open door to Kybele came at the right time:  at a moment when I needed the encouragement to seek out my real  interests, find a goal and accomplish it. Through my conversations with  participants, the Board of Directors, and experiences abroad, I have  found a new passion in nursing. I am excited to fulfill my goal of a  nursing degree and hopefully one day serve on a team with Kybele.

Thank you for all for a two wonderful years of inspiration and support.