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Kybele is a global leader in health-system strengthening that is internationally recognized for improving the quality and safety of healthcare during childbirth in low- and middle-income countries. Kybele teams consist of medical experts in anesthesiology, obstetrics, and neonatology along with implementation scientists. We establish partnerships with health ministries and local leaders to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions to healthcare problems. Our rigorous approach has been chronicled in over 25 peer-reviewed publications. Since its formation in 2001, Kybele has successfully implemented multifaceted programs with sustained impact in 13 countries in Africa and eastern Europe with over $4 million of support from governments, institutions, and foundations.

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pregnancy and childbirth are the
leading causes of death and
disability among women worldwide

In developing regions of the world, a woman’s chance of death during pregnancy or childbirth is an
appalling 1 in 41. Worldwide, over 300,000 women die of pregnancy and childbirth complications each year.
kybele is fighting this devastating reality

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