Kybele Program Country Updates

Kybele Country Updates  (interviews by Erin Pfeiffer) Kybele Team Leaders’ Summit, February 2014 Winston-Salem, N.C. ARMENIA (Dr. Gordon Yuill) Kybele has visited Armenia in 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2013. In 2010, Dr. Ashot Amroyan  (Armenian host) and Dr. Lisa Councilman (Kybele team leader) proposed a five-year commitment to provide an annual Kybele team visit. Since […]

Kreating Change: New Kybele Membership Program

WHAT IS A KYBELE MEMBERSHIP? Kybele has enjoyed rapid growth and program success in recent years.  We are very grateful for the support of our individual contributors and monthly donors.  However, with rapid growth comes the need to be able to pay for expanding programs, staff, resource materials, and training.   As a Kybele “member”, you […]